FAQ’s: Your Space

Your Space



From the sample boards that you create, how will I know which one to choose?

We give you the sample boards to live with in the space for several days so that you can get a feeling for the direction you prefer. After you live with the samples, you should be able to choose which one is right for you.

How long does it take to faux paint an average size room?

The actual faux painting takes approximately one day to complete.

How will I know what colors and techniques should be used in my space?

We are very careful to fully understand how often you are in the space, what you do in the space, how much time you spend there, and what your preferred activities are. After we have visited the space and determined the basics about how the space is used, we then work closely with you to determine the colors and techniques that will best reflect your personality in transforming your space’s personality.

I’m interested in having a room in my home faux painted. What is your first step in this process?

We conduct a short interview to determine how you use the space, how often you are there, how much time you spend there. Once we know how the space is used, we can help you to decide what you will need on your walls.

I’m renovating an old home in New England. The walls are quite distressed, including warping and cracking. Do I need to fix them before you faux?

Emphatically, no. I love to include the natural aging of a home in deciding the final appearance of a space. Such aging enhances the faux impact.

Once Samarra completes the interview process and takes a look at the space, what happens then?

We thoroughly measure the space and note the details about its use. We then create sample boards from which you can choose.