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Samarra Painting Company

Samarra Painting Company was founded in 2001 by Julie King.


Samarra Painting Company provides exceptional interior and exterior painting for both commercial and residential properties. We provide color consults, professional faux finishes, and exceptional quality standard painting. Additional services provided are certified lead paint removal and property management.


Servicing area such as Salisbury, Seabrook, Rowley, Hampton, Rye, Byfield, Georgetown, Ipswich, Topsfield, Newbury, West Newbury, North Shore, South Shore, Boston, Chesnut Hill, Merrimac, Amesbury, Plum Island, Newburyport, the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, the North Shore and beyond.

Woman owned and operated since 2001

Julie King

Founder and Owner

About Julie


Little did my mother know she was setting my calling in motion when she gave 10-year-old me free rein to decorate my bedroom. My eyes opened wide with the discovery that color and furnishings created different moods and feelings. I saw – and more importantly felt – how color and texture could turn a room into a wonderful place to be.


Even though design came naturally to me, it would be years before I painted another room. As an Army wife raising three kids and moving a lot, I left our walls white. My 1994 move back to the beauty of Vermont – fittingly, a state named for the color green – brought about a spiritual transformation, a new life for me, really. I learned more than ever how important color was to the creation of the home I envisioned. I bought a book on faux finishing and begged my landlord to let me paint. I loved it, he loved it, and the tenants after me loved it! My love affair with color was in full swing.


A few years later when I took a faux-finishing class, it wasn’t long before the instructor asked me to step up and co-teach. With healthy confidence and my loved ones’ encouragement to take this hobby to a professional level, I launched Samarra Painting Company in 2001. As the business became successful, I realized I needed to learn more.


“Techniques and product knowledge became very important to me. I sent myself to New York for training and thank my lucky stars every day for having the wisdom to make that choice.”


Years have passed and many more doors have opened since that day I bought that book at Home Depot. I now have four beautiful children and world travels have continued to call me. I am a medicine woman who uses paint therapeutically. By bringing in the correct colors, faux textures, lighting, (and sometimes essential oils), I found I could achieve complete transformation of space, an undeniably welcome change in the feel of a room. My love of traveling to the world’s most colorful places, especially Teotihuacán, Mexico, inspires me to awaken clients on their own personal journeys – beyond their home if they choose – and on to places of transformation and energy. I’m inspired by nature, flowers, children, elders, and these travels.


“I know color affects how you think and feel, and is a very important part of how we perceive and see our world. I think the look and feel of our space is extremely important to our well -being: with the world being such a busy place, isn’t it important that where we live, work and play fits who we truly are? If you desire an environment that is inspiring or if you’re ready to step into a more expansive place, let’s co-create the room of your dreams.”


Julie King: artist, mama, business owner, grandmother, medicine woman, gardener, beach lover, sunshine worshipper, world traveler, servant, teacher, guide, chanter, designer, organ donor, loving friend to animals, children and elders, healer, love ambassador, badass – and not necessarily in that order.